Blog 2: aka – TiPoo

23 Jul
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Okay. I have a bone to pick with some of you. When my humans sent out my photos into the cybersphere, some humans wrote back and said I looked like Petey from the Little Rascals. I mean, really? Did you even have your glasses on? No offence to Petey’s memory, but have you even taken a keen look at the two of us? Sheesh. It’s not even close. You might as well say that Kermit and Miss Piggy are lookalikes … or Arnold and Danny DeVito are twins … what movie? No way! Really?

On slightly different note, I love what they are feeding me. I’m growing like crazy. However, there is one aspect of the lovely puppy food that’s, well, a bit embarrassing to talk about. It appears that my latest gastronomic delights have made me what humans call a “high-odor” doggy. They say it almost as if they are complaining. They should be happy I’m not a whiner or a princess … yet.  That’s chapter five in the best selling How Famous Dogs Trained Their Owners. But as I have no idea what they mean by this, it must be a compliment. I’ve diligently sniffed and sniffed too … perfectly fine by me. Besides, my human alpha is always scooping it up and burying it in the compost pile. We canines always bury our favourite bones to dig up later. Why the human wants to dig up that fine canine high-odor later, however, is a bit puzzling. But I’m still learning the strange ways of humans. I’m only on chapter one.

I managed to find another nice chew toy in the yard. Nice blue colour too. Although it didn’t taste blue. But I’m still figuring out what the colours taste like. This blue had a nice woody aroma to it with a medium texture. I think alpha dog human called it a bird feeder. And he called me by nickname, TiPoo, when explaining to me why it was not a toy. I was defenseless. So as I learned in chapter one, I just gave him the puppy eye treatment. He’s still not buying it. And puppies are supposed to be naturals. This sucking up stuff is not as easy as the book says it is.

However, I think he was mistaken about bird feeders not being toys. Back in my crate, I looked it up in my official mail order Bones N’ Crate puppy toy catalog. There it was. Blue bird feeders are classified as chew toys provided they are made of a natural substance. I think wood qualifies don’t you? I thought you’d agree with me. So, I won’t be having any more problems with Mr. human telling me a bird feeder is not a toy. I buried it.



22 Jul

DSC_0394 - Version 2

Hi! I’m a puppy. My name’s Pepper. Formally, it’s Sgt. Pepper. Supposedly it has something to do with human musicians and some bugs. Beetles I think. Even at my young age, I found June bugs are really tasty. I guess that’s why they named me Sgt. Pepper given my proclivity for eating them.

They also gave me a patois nickname … TiPoo. I’ll give you a hint. Ti means little. You can take it from there. So I get into mischief now and then. I’m a puppy. Sue me.

Apparently, I’m an orphan. Yep. Can you believe someone abandoned a cute little mug like me? I can’t either. But destiny called. The animal protection people came to my rescue. Took me in. Fed me and took care of me until they shipped me off too. That’s twice I got the bum’s rush to start my life. Welcome to the world.

But it looks like I have the last laugh. The humans that took me in are nuts about me. In fact, Mrs. human is hands down a sucker for me. Hello good life. I mean she didn’t even get mad at me when I ripped the cover off her book, Teach Yourself Visually Dog Training. Well, actually, I sort of ripped it to shreds. And then I left pieces of it all over the outdoor deck  for her to clean up. She just laughed. What’s that all about? The Dog Whisperer she ain’t.

Mr. human on the other hand is the alpha dog. He’s always catching me doing stuff too. He just appears out of nowhere. I’m into something really fun, and the next moment I hear this deep booming voice calling out my name. I turn around and there he is, arms folded giving me the look. So I do the puppy grovel thing. I wag my tail, walk around his feet with my best puppy poo eating grin. He doesn’t buy it at all. No doubt he’s been watching Cesar.

I don’t know why he gets so upset about me pruning the leaves off the garden plants. Seems like a normal thing to do for a puppy. And from my point of view, they look a lot better too. I guess he didn’t get the memo that everything is a toy for puppies. So I keep educating him by getting out all sorts of toys he thought was just normal stuff. You know, like garden hand trowels, plastic planter containers, decorative driftwood and all sorts of stuff. It’s not like there are any signs “Do Not Chew To Bits” posted anywhere. But at the end of the day, he always gives me a treat and pats me on the head. He has potential.