House of Pepper

1 Aug

Now that I have a blog, some of my followers want to know more about my digs. That’s hip and cool jive for where I live. By nature, puppies are cool. Speaking of cool, thanks to reader Bob for the spot on ‘way cool’ remarks. And yes, my humans have potential to rise to my level of coolness as you put it. Mrs. human more so than Mr. human who is definitely a work in progress. As long as he keeps doling out the food and bedtime treats, I can tolerate Daddy-o. That’s coolspeak for Mr. human. I just wish Daddy-o would ditch the video camera.

As to my digs, I have a really cool pad. Or should I say pads, and I’m not talking about my paws. My yard is shaped somewhat like an hour glass with a ninety degree bend in the middle. My urban pad is a really cool condo-crate. Hi-tech and green too. Has a LEED platinum certification. Lovably Engaging Environment for Doggies. It has an open floor plan, easy access, and a skylight that lets in lots of natural light. Best of all is it’s location. With doggy real estate, it’s all about location. My condo-crate is just outside the door to the human’s deck and outdoor dining area. My central location means they can’t sneak past me. And when they sit down to eat, I am present and accounted for like any good puppy.

DSC_0536 - Version 2

And did I mention the southern exposure? It’s perfect for getting the morning sun on the deck where I can snooze. When I wake up, and need to take care of my natural needs, I simply meander around the corner to my country place. Yes, I have a country house too. I leave the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, follow the little grass trail NE and in no time at all I’m sitting on my front porch. It’s rather rustic, but it’s located in a nice sheltered valley with a grassy front yard. While it doesn’t have indoor plumbing, it does have an outhouse in the back. I call it “Contraband Cabin.” Whenever I need to take something without you know who knowing about it, I take it here. A certain blue bird feeder comes to mind.

DSC_0464 - Version 2

Well, I’m feeling a bit sleepy. Writing a blog is hard work, especially when I have to hunt and peck. At least I have access to a computer. I can’t imagine what my ancestors went through with pencil and paper. Just picking up a pencil is tough enough. But resisting the urge to chew it into tiny little pieces is almost unbearable. While yellow No. 2 pencils with rubber erasers are canine meat and potatoes, I lean towards the spicier Staedler HB Lumograph. For some reason I prefer the taste of blue over yellow. And crayons. Well, don’t get me drooling. Ah, the warm breeze is coming up right now. It’s ideal for my late morning nap. Daddy-o should have my noon time treat ready for me when I wake up. My Bones N’ Crate book, How Famous Dogs Trained Their Owners is really paying for itself. So I think I’ll end the blog here. Keep following and keep writing in. Until next week, be cool.

DSC_0531 - Version 2

One Response to “House of Pepper”

  1. Dave and Janet La Plante August 3, 2013 at 12:08 AM #

    Wow! You are too funny Pepper. The photo of you at the computer is priceless and so amazing 🙂 Keep up the great work. We are enjoying all of your stories so much.

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