Blog 3: Down to the Sea

25 Jul

Do you remember the first time you went down to the sea and jumped in among the waves? Just so happens my humans live by the sea. And they thought it would be fun to take me swimming in the ocean. Hey I’m a puppy, let’s go for it! It all sounded like great fun. I got to run like a nut and smell everything at the beach. I didn’t know where to start. There were tons of rocks, wet sand, dry sand, beach critters, and all sorts of cool stuff to sniff and inspect. However, I saw that the water wasn’t sitting still. It kept moving. A lot. It was nothing like my drinking bowl. The water would rise up to twice my height and then come crashing down. It was great running up and down the beach where the water rolled onto shore, all white and foamy. Just in case, I kept an eye on that moving water.

Then I saw Mrs. human walk into the moving water. She motioned for me to join her. So off I ran … until the first wave reared up in front of me. My tail froze like a rope. Yikes!

IMG_2637 - Version 2

Okay, a two foot wave might not sound like much to you five and half to six foot humans. But when you stand ten inches at the shoulder with good posture, well, surf’s up baby. To put it into perspective for you, a person 5 feet high at the shoulder would be facing a twelve foot wave. Still want to go in the water? I did what any other self-respecting puppy would do under the circumstances. I puckered up and hauled butt for solid sand. Made it too. Although my derriere got a good soaking. Mr. human laughed. You know they could have humiliated me at the house and saved us a lot of hassle.

IMG_2634 - Version 2

But Mrs. human kept enticing me with her sweet sing-songy voice. “C’mon Pepper, you can do it. C’mon Pepper. C’mon.” Reassuringly, she even held her arms out for me. What’s a dog to do? All the while Mr. human is documenting all of it for posterity. Yippee. Puppy drowns at beach. Film at 11. And they say water is life! I caught a break. There was a lull in the waves so I went for it. I ran and man did I ever jump … kaploosh into the sea. My tummy hit the water and my little legs were churning like windmills in a hurricane. I have no idea what made me do that. All the while Mrs. human keeps saying, “Good girl. C’mon Pepper.” Mercifully I reached her arms. She swept me up and I was safe on an island in the sea.

Ha! I survived my first swim in the sea. Maybe I can audition for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I already have a patch for my eye. Okay both eyes. Doggy Zorro, then?

While I was basking in the glory of the moment, I realized Mrs. human wasn’t walking back to shore. She was staying out there in the choppy depths. She had to be in at least four feet of water! I stared at those monster two-footers constantly crashing on shore. I was staying put. Or so I thought until Mrs. human lowered me toward the water. Hold on there, I’m not ready for a return trip just yet. She didn’t read my mind. Into the water I went. So I cycled my legs as fast as they would go, keeping my head above water. Almost to shore when a sneaky wave rolled in behind me and over me. I kept my mouth shut and motored even faster to terra firma. That was a close call.

DSC_0824 - Version 2

I wasted no time shaking all that salty water off me and trotting down the beach away from further chants of encouragement to drown where I left a “high-odor” offering to Neptune on the beach. I can’t believe he got that on video. Mr. human buried that one too. When is that guy ever going to find the time to go back and dig them up? If you don’t make the connection, you need to read Blog 2.

Well, I ended up going back into the water a few times. It’s anyone’s guess where I got those water genes. I kind of got the rhythm of the waves down and then it became fun. So Mrs. human and I frolicked in the waves up and down the beach for some time while the other human recorded it for the world. I had to be born in the digital age.

Later, I got my first bath. And surprise, surprise, that’s recorded too. What am I, a four-legged holiday to Disney World? Don’t these humans have a life? The nice warm shower water got rid of all the salt. I was good to go. But it  didn’t stop there. Some nasty smelling stuff made by humans called Doggy Shampoo was poured on me. I emerged smelling like a human. Definitely a low point in my life.

All in all it was quite an adventure my first day down to the sea. I could get use to that every now and then I suppose, except for the human smelling shampoo part. Back at the house, I overheard my two humans talking about paddle boarding and doggy wetsuits. What do you suppose they are up to with that?

2 Responses to “Blog 3: Down to the Sea”

  1. Katherine Bell July 26, 2013 at 3:42 AM #

    Well this is the best so far! We love hearing about your adventures Pepper – keep going.
    Good description of the beach and glad to hear Mr Human is getting rid of Tipoo’s offerings!!

  2. Eileen Schiller July 30, 2013 at 10:07 PM #

    Pepper will be as adventurous as his humans!!! Biking??? Snorkeling?? Such a great descriptive post. I smile and laugh while reading!!! go Pepper!

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